Orchid Pink - Bamboo Bedding Set
Orchid Pink - Bamboo Bedding Set
Orchid Pink - Bamboo Bedding Set

Six Piece Bamboo Bedding Set in Orchid Pink

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You know that great feeling of getting into a bed with fresh linen - particularly after a long day? Well bamboo linen multiplies that feeling by ten. It's ultra-soft, slightly silky and just feels totally...fabulous.

This duvet cover set is complete - meaning you get a duvet cover, fitted sheet and four pillow cases. All in bamboo. It will arrive in a fantastic gift box, wrapped in crepe paper - so it makes a fantastic gift.

The duvet cover and two Oxford pillow cases are in Orchid Pink - a bold and striking pink, ideal to liven up a room with subdued walls. The fitted sheet and housewife pillow cases are in pistachio green.

The fabric is pure, high quality bamboo fabric of 300 thread count, which is equivalent to 1000 thread count in cotton. It's machine washable, requires a gentle iron and should not be tumble dried.

Bamboo is also good for the environment. Because of how it grows, only a fraction of the time and resources need to be spent on producing bamboo compared to cotton. Bamboo does not require the large amounts of water and pesticides that cotton needs to be produced.

Bamboo is temperature regulating. This means is keeps you warm when its cold but also it cools you down when its hot!

Bamboo is hypo-allergenic so it is great for people who have sensitive skin conditions.