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Easy Fit Duvet Cover in Blue Grass
Easy Fit Duvet Cover in Blue Grass
Easy Fit Duvet Cover in Blue Grass
Easy Fit Duvet Cover in Blue Grass
Easy Fit Duvet Cover in Blue Grass
Easy Fit Duvet Cover in Blue Grass
Easy Fit Duvet Cover in Blue Grass
Easy Fit Duvet Cover in Blue Grass
Easy Fit Duvet Cover in Blue Grass

Easy Fit Duvet Cover in Blue Grass

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Does changing the bed, fill you with dread?

It did for Rosy. She has arthritis and a bad back. Then she bought our Easy Fit Duvet Cover. It opens on 3 sides not 1. Far less strenuous - quick and easy to make.

Rosy loved it so much she wanted to help us spread the word. You'll have seen her on our homepage. And she recorded the video below, which demonstrates just how easy it is.

So, if you've been stressing and straining to fit your duvet into a conventional cover all these years, isn't it time you made your life that little bit easier? As Rosy enthusiastically tells us - "it really is the best idea since sliced bread!"

How it works

As Rosy explains in the video:
  1. Open up the cover, pull back the top flap and place the duvet directly on top of the bottom flap. Tuck the duvet inside the built-in pocket, which keeps the duvet in place.
  2. Pull the top flap over the duvet.
  3. Zip up both sides with our high quality concealed zips.
  4. Fasten the metal poppers along the bottom side of the cover.

Easy peasy, your bed is made! It really is so much simpler and less physically demanding than a conventional duvet cover and you won't know the difference. But that's not the only problem our zipped duvet cover solves...

Is Your Duvet Playing 'Hide And Seek' with You?!

How often does your duvet move around inside a conventional cover? Within a night or two, you have a mass of fabric and no duvet! Well our design solves that problem too. The specially designed pocket keeps your duvet in place all night long, leaving you cosy and snug, sleep after sleep.

And what's more, the Easy Fit Duvet Cover is in the same price range as conventional duvet covers. In fact, it's been rated excellent value in the zipped duvet cover category by

The colour…

This 'almost turquoise' blue will not only brighten up your room, with its touch of colour, but will relax you to the core. Sail away to sleep in blue grass and dream of the ocean!

What you get

  • A 100% pure cotton easy to fit zipped duvet cover. The fabric is super soft and the sateen gives it a luxurious silk-like quality.
  • Two Oxford pillow cases complete the set using the same fabric.
  • High quality concealed zips fasten the cover on each side. High precision (Prym) metal fasteners attach along the bottom.
  • You can also purchase a matching fitted sheet, again made from 300 thread count cotton. Here is the link to our blue grass fitted sheet.


Machine washable at home, our zipped duvet cover retains its shape and softness with each wash. It's manufactured to look good and last long. Can be used in the tumbler dryer.


Single 140cm x 200cm
Double 200cm x 200cm
King 230cm x 220cm
Super King 260cm x 220cm

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Additional Information

Weight 1.8kg approx
Package Dimensions 40x30x8cm
Sizes Single, Double, King, Super King