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What is thread count?


T is for threadcount

So thread count is basically a measure of density. The more threads are woven into the fabric per square inch, the higher the thread count. It is true that a higher thread count means better quality fabric, however some manufacturers artificially inflate their thread count by using two ply thread of low quality. Although fabric with a low thread count doesn’t feel good, the difference is really not easy to notice above around 300. However, there are other things to take into account besides thread count – so read on…


F is for fabric

When we think of bedding, we usually think of cotton. Our Easy Fit duvet covers are made from cotton with 300 thread count. Any mix with polyester is usually of inferior quality. However, cotton is not the only fabric choice. We use bamboo in our Bamboo Bedding range, because it has a number of amazing health properties. It’s also incredibly soft. In fact, one commentator has written that bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool. And of course we’d agree!


J is for jacquard

A weaving process where the warp threads are picked up individually. Since every thread is treated differently, the weaver is able to place a pattern onto it. Thus, jacquard will have some kind of design across the fabric. Our Easy Fit range has a jacquard design.


S is for sateen

Just like you can buy paint in a number of types, such as gloss and emulsion, so fabric can have different finishes too. A sateen finish has a natural lustre and sheen to it that you won’t see in normal fabric. Our East Fit range uses a sateen finish at the bottom, which is the part that comes into contact with your body. We don’t talk about bamboo in this way since it is natural and does not need a finish placing on it to be silky.