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Sleep... Schlep

Sleep Schlep is a compendium of resources to firstly explain the importance of getting good sleep, and then to help make our journey from night to day that little bit easier…

Sleep: The Forgotten Essential

Firstly, this video by Prof Matthew Walker is a must watch… Click here.

In a little over 4 minutes, Prof Walker provides some compelling reasons as to why sleep is so important to us.

For example, did you know that the World Health Organisation has now classified nightshift work as a known carcinogen?

Book: Why We Sleep

And Matthew’s book on the subject, titled “Why We Sleep”, was released to critical acclaim in 2017. It really is a fascinating account into what happens to us once we sleep and why it matters so much to our health.

If you read one book on sleep in your lifetime, make it this one!

Book: Stop Snoring...
The Easy Way

Sometimes our reasons for a lack of sleep appear to be outside of our control? Are you harangued throughout the night by a perpetual snorechestra? Does it create murderous thoughts that belie your usual calm demeanour?

“Stop Snoring…The Easy Way” is a fantastic book that might just save their life and your freedom. And it’s way cheaper than a good lawyer! Click here for more info.

Book: Why We Sleep

Last, but not least, this book by Dr Rangan Chatterjee is getting rave reviews. Rangan appears frequently on BBC TV and is well respected for his intelligent approach to health and lifestyle.

This book places sleep within the wider context of our overall lifestyle. It provides an achievable plan on how to make simple but permanent life changes for the good of your mind and body.