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Eating before bed

Most of us believe that eating before bed is bad for us – and particularly bad for the waistline. However, according to a dietary expert on healthysimplelife.com. this advice is wrong. Amongst the 5 reasons why is the fact that going to bed with a satisfied stomach will help you sleep better.

So, armed with this new knowledge that it’s good to tantalise our taste buds just before bed, we thought we’d explore some great recipes that promote a good night’s sleep. Because we’re assuming a chicken tikka masala with naan bread and rice, is not what they had in mind!

The recipes below are courtesy of the truly excellent DailyBurn.com.

Spiced Oatmeal Smoothie

You probably can’t imagine snuggling in bed with a bowl full of bedtime oatmeal, but this spiced oatmeal smoothie just may have you changing your tune. The high-fiber content and low-glycemic index of oats makes them a great bet for sleepy time, and this recipe also includes Greek yogurt, which is high in tryptophan. Photo and recipe: Brandon Matzek / Kitchen Konfidence

Kale-Kiwi Bedtime Smoothie

This all-green snooze-inducing cocktail features kale, banana, yogurt, kiwi and flaxseed to help you settle your tummy before bed. Almond butter also adds magnesium, so when your head hits the pillow, you’ll finally chill out and pass out. Photo and recipe: Ana Stanciu / Hello Glow

Cherry and Plum Smoothie

Cinnamon and ginger give Nourished by Nutrition’s Cherry and Plum Smoothie a heartwarming flavor. Tart cherries naturally contain melatonin — the hormone that regulates sleep — which could clue your brain in to the fact it’s bedtime. Research has found that sipping cherry juice may help reduce the effects of insomnia. It can also reduce muscle soreness, too! Photo and recipe: Jessica Kelley / Nourished by Nutrition

Homemade Peach Greek Yogurt

According to Lauren Popeck, RD, a dietitian at Orlando Health, Greek yogurt is perfect for bedtime, because it contains the sleep-inducing chemical tryptophan. And because it’s such a rich source of protein, Greek yogurt can also help you avoid that same glucose spike.

Banana Nutella Ice Cream

This two-ingredient, paleo-friendly Banana Nutella Ice Cream, contains healthy, complex carbs and nighttime-friendly nutrients from bananas. This sweet, smooth fruit is full of muscle-relaxing potassium and magnesium, coupled with serotonin-producing tryptophan, make bananas the perfect bedtime snack. Photo: Shared Appetite.

Fat-Free Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet potatoes are another good source of those same muscle-relaxing minerals, which deliver tryptophan to help you hit the sack. Bye-bye boring baked potatoes, hello creamy, Fat-Free Sweet Potato Soup! A cup of it before bed sounds perfect, don’t you think? Photo by Evan Thomas