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Do you find changing the duvet cover a real challenge?

Our easy fit duvet covers take the stress out of making the bed.

About Our Easy Fit Duvet Covers

We've created a range of easy fit duvet covers that make changing the bed much easier.

Unlike traditional duvet covers, our design opens on three sides so the duvet is placed directly on top of the bottom flap. The top flap is then placed over the duvet and attached using either a zip or metal fasteners.

This makes it far easier and less physically demanding to assemble. The design also includes a pocket for the duvet to sit in, keeping it firmly in place, night after night.

Made from pure combed cotton yarn of 300 Thread Count, we offer a choice of designs and fastening types. Take a look at our designs below.

Why Our Easy Fit Duvet Covers?

On trend

Our beautiful Jacquard designs will complement any room

High quality fabric

Made from pure combed cotton yarn of 300 Thread Count density

Make a full set

They come with two matching Oxford pillow cases included

Machine washable

Can be machine washed to temperatures of 60C

Tumble dryer

Suitable for tumble dryers

Built to last

Retain their shape and softness with each wash

Easy Fit With Concealed Zip