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Caring for your bedding

Ever wondered what all those mysterious symbols mean on your clothes and bedding? Us too! After a modest amount of Googling, we think we have most of the key care labels covered for all of us.

Wash temperature

Pretty obvious this one. Never exceed stated temperature as you risk shrinkage and colour loss/transfer. Our bedding sets are limited to 40C.

Do not tumble dry

Yes they’re quick and easy. Yours might even be 20 years old and remind you of a world without cyber crime and Piers Morgan. Sadly, however, this symbol is warning against the use of that tumble dryer. But on the bright side, it’s a nice breezy day and your utility room won’t smell of sweaty socks!

Do not bleach

No triangles! Under any circumstances, do not use triangles! What’s that all about? Well curiously, the triangle in this instance refers to bleach. We’re not quite sure how bleach comes to be represented by a triangle – other mathematical shapes are available. Anyway, bleaching is good for toilets, but bad for fabric, so best to avoid it.

Iron temperature

This symbol is pretty self-explanatory, but with a little twist. The dots in the centre of the iron advise the temperature it can be ironed at. So one dot means low temperature. Three dots (as pictured) means a high temperature. And two dots means somewhere in between. Four dots doesn’t exist. But if it did, that would be some seriously hot ironing!

Line dry

Finally, two care labels that explain how the item should be dried. In this case, a washing line is the preferred choice…

Dry flat

Whereas this symbol is advocating drying it flat. Now in the base of bedding, this is not required. It’s more in the case of heavier clothing garments, such as wool, that will stretch if hung to dry whilst being wet. But we’ve added it anyway.