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About Us

Our Vision

At LoveBedtime, we believe that making your bed doesn’t have to be a chore. You shouldn’t have to be a contortionist to change your duvet cover (!) and you most certainly shouldn’t have to compromise on quality and style, for something that should be easy and straightforward.

We are committed to developing the very best designs that offer you a game-changing, simple way to change your duvet cover. Across all our collections, we use the finest fabrics, delivering you comfort, dreamily soft threads and environmentally friendly options, where possible.

Our Values

Founded in 2016, our small family business has grown from strength to strength. We’re so proud to continually develop and deliver the very best in easy fit duvet covers.

Customer service lies at the heart of our business and our team are always on hand to answer any questions you might have- and we guarantee that you will always be able to talk to a human!

We love connecting with our customers, not only to ensure that they are happy but to also get their valued feedback on how we can continually improve on our offering.

We’re also proud to have developed a product that offers support to those who struggle with grip, grasp and dexterity- and more accessible options are on the horizon.

Our Mission

We’re on a simple mission; to make sure everyone falls in love with Bedtime.


Did you know that the idea for our Easy Fit and Snap Tight range came from a book our Founder, Chris Jones, wrote?

True Story! He was the Head of a Business School in the UK and wanted to teach his students about Business Studies in an engaging way, with context.

So, Chris wrote a novel about a young girl who takes her idea all the way. It’s called Duvet Days!

Realising he had stumbled on a great idea for his book, he followed in his protagonist’s footsteps and brought Love Bedtime to life.