Easy Fit Duvet Cover

A duvet cover that takes the hassle out of bed making!

Traditional duvet covers open on just one side, which means we all have to thread a big, cumbersome duvet inside and find a way to make it stretch out evenly over the length of the cover. It's such a tedious task!

Our easy fit duvet covers open on three sides, so the duvet is placed directly on top of the bottom flap. The top flap is then placed over the duvet and attached using our high quality concealed zip. It is far easier and less physically demanding to assemble. The design also includes a pocket for the duvet to sit in, keeping it firmly in place, night after night.

Our beautiful Jacquard designs are on trend and will complement any room. They're made from pure combed cotton yarn, spun out of high quality cotton fibres of 300 Thread Count density in a jacquard weave (top) and sateen finish (bottom).

Machine washable at home, our bedding retains its shape and softness with each wash. Our easy fit duvet covers are manufactured to look good and last long.