Bamboo Bedding Set in Ice Grey
Bamboo Bedding Set in Ice Grey

Bamboo Bedding Set in Ice Grey

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The main colour is ice grey, which is neutral. Grey is truly in vogue right now as an inspired shade for most rooms.The contrasting colour is spiced plum and appears on the two housewife pillow cases and the underside of the cover. It makes for a nice contrast, but doesn’t dominate, so it won’t clash with anything in your bedroom.

What’s included in the six piece set…

  • a contrasting duvet cover in ice grey and spiced plum
  • two Oxford pillowcases in ice grey
  • two spiced plum housewife pillowcases
  • an ice grey fitted sheet

The colours…
This bold set will add vibrancy and character to a subtly decorated room. Equally, it works well in a room with other strong colours.

Complementary room shades…
White; all shades of grey, lilac and deeper purples.

The fabric…
The softness of bamboo bedding is difficult to appreciate until you have tried it. You will be amazed at just how calming it feels next to the skin. This set is made from a bamboo sateen, which has a texture similar to silk. 

The benefits…
Bamboo is 100% natural and has many health and environmental benefits that include…

  • anti-bacterial – bacteria does not live well in bamboo so it doesn’t get smelly, even after multiple sleeps
  • allergy relief – bamboo is anti-static and its softness makes it ideal for anyone with skin conditions
  • prevents night sweats – bamboo absorbs moisture away from the body so that anyone prone to night sweats will wake drier and fresher
  • thermo-control – due to its microfibre, bamboo is warm and breathable. This means your temperature through the night will be regulated better in warm nights and colder nights
  • kind to the environment – bamboo has many benefits for the environment – it grows fast and has a higher yield; no pesticides or fertilisers are needed; it is 100% biodegradable; it requires no water other than rainwater and is good for soil.

Our duvet cover sets measure as follows (in centimetres)…

Duvet Cover Pillow Cases Fitted Sheet
Double 200x200 75x50 190x140
King 230x220 75x50 200x150
Super King 260x220 90x50 200x180

Additional Information

 Weight 3kg
Dimensions 40x30x20cm
Size Double, King, Super King