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Mad about bamboo

Bamboo is extraordinary in its versatility. Besides bedding and clothing, it is used to build houses; we use it in cooking; some musical instruments are made from it. Even a car has been made from bamboo! But in terms of its use as a fabric, it really is like no other. The first thing you will be struck by when you are presented with it, is its aesthetic quality. Of course, it is incredibly soft to touch. Its silkiness also gives a wonderful lustre and richness to its appearance. It is very colour fast, which means it will retain its colour and its softness wash after wash. But it has other qualities too…


One of the many reasons that bamboo fabric is becoming more popular is because of the anti-bacterial properties that it has. When growing, bamboo requires very little to no pesticides, an attribute which scientists have discovered is from an anti-bacterial bio-agent called bamboo kun. Bamboo kun is bound closely in the bamboo cells and makes the fabric resistant to bacteria. This makes products made from bamboo fabric, such as bed sheets and bath towels, good for people with allergies.

Temperature regulating

Bamboo fabric is both breathable and absorbent. It keeps us cooler because the breathable fabric doesn’t cling to skin, yet the absorbent fabric also wicks away moisture, keeping the skin cool and dry. Amazingly, these insulating characteristics also make bamboo fabric warm in colder months. Due to its breathability, bamboo is good at remaining odorless, even when attacked by odor-causing bacteria. This makes it ideal for anyone who suffers from night sweats.

Economical and ecological

Bamboo fabric is one of the most economical and ecological products in the world today. Because of how it grows, only a fraction of the time and resources need to be spent on producing bamboo compared to cotton. Bamboo does not require the large amounts of water and pesticides that cotton needs to be produced, nor does it require the attentive care of cotton.

Bamboo is also ecologically friendly. 100% biodegradable, the fibers used to make bamboo fabric don’t need to be sprayed with chemical additives of any sort. Less water is wasted for irrigation also.